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Hope Over Hurt has more than 48 “Bridges” that align with one of three pillars -

Service, Outreach, Empowerment, or "SOE"



Hope Over Hurt provides opportunities to give, which helps us grow and benefit greatly
as we serve others.  
​NoLimit,Yet the Vision Includes:

  • Clothing Provision

  • Education & Services

  • Recovery Programming

  • Pre-packaged care packages for emerging service organization

  • Bladder / sanitary pads (for prisons and homeless)Daily Service Team Units

  • Nursing Home Improvement (hands on and advocacy)

  • Medicinal Assistance (to provide cost relief for underserved)

  • Publishing Company

  • DV Services

  • Youth Service Projects

  • School for transient children

  • After School Programming with S.T.E.A.M. Curriculum

  • Exposure to rising middle school and HS students

  • Economic education

  • Health and Wellness Education

  • Counseling Services

  • Animal Haven

  • Hope Stations- 12 in Metropolitan U.S.


We believe that reaching out to our community and the world creates a better place to live for those less fortunate, while enhancing our experience of God.
No Limit,Yet the Vision Includes: 

  • Blankets

  • Gang Awareness

  • HOH Conferences

  • Homeless Ministry

  • Hot Food Stations

  • Human Trafficking

  • Mobile Mission Trips for Families

  • Multimedia Services

  • ​Overseas - Beyond Borders

South America
Middle East


  • Portable Baptism Tubs

  • Port-a-Potties for Transient Population

  • Ready Made Communion Packets

  • Refugee Missions

Hope Over Hurt is dedicated to equipping future leaders with tools and resources to
change the nation.
No Limit,Yet the Vision Includes:

  • Angel Investor

  • Environmental Change

  • Faith Movement

  • HOH Conferences

  • Leadership Training

  • Men's Kingship

  • Multimedia

  • Parental Engagement

  • Women Empowerment

  • Young Adult World Change Movement

  • Tutorials 

  • Youth Power Sector

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