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Within #100Days . In this time we have touched 4 Continents, 7 Countries and called translated in 3 languages.

TESTIMONY: Remember Courtney? Our HOH family prayed for her. Aneurysms didn't win. No, God gave Grace beyond measure. And now look! #HOHHealing

TESTIMONY: ️This baby was diagnosed with Mastoiditis- he had to have surgery and has no paralysis on his face nor brain damage. He is on the road to healing from a very life-threatening potential disease. But God! He is walking around the hospital like a king! #HOHHealing

TESTIMONY: She is Pregnant! To God Be The Glory!!! Hallelujah!!! We are praying for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby!!!!! Congratulations!!! #HOHhealing

TESTIMONY: These #RESULTS are from one of our HOH family who tune in daily from Saudi Arabia. She is Muslin and speaks Arabic. We specifically prayed for DECREASE in blood work, tumors, and any elevated numbers AGAINST GOD'S WILL for healing! #HOHHealing

TESTIMONY: Infinite in all YOUR WAYS OH GOD!!!!! #HOHTestimony

TESTIMONY: Growth with our youth. 13 years old and took prayer SERIOUSLY ON THE CALL!!! #HOHManifestation

TESTIMONY: Skittles! #HOHManifestation

TESTIMONY: Courtney is going home after suffering a brain aneursym. Rejoice! #HoHHealing

TESTIMONY: New Job Alert! Told you all we had a waiting list...prayer is the vehicle.#HOHManifestation



TESTIMONY! New Car and Job Alert #HOHManifestation

TESTIMONY: 2 cars this week. Both blue... 2 states. #HOHManifestation

Testimony: We are praying and believing. #HOHManifestation

TESTIMONY: This child had challenges. #HOHHealing

TESTIMONY: according to channel 4 news in Washington DC, The names of the girls shown or found safe and alive. WE PRAYED for this this morning not knowing they were already being cared for!! GGLLLOOORRRYYY!!! #HOHPrays

TESTIMONY: We welcome everyone! #LoveIsOurArsenal #HOHGlobal #Muslim #SaudiArabia

TESTIMONY: New Car Alert.Trust the process!!!!!!! Glory to Jehovah Jireh!!! #HOHManifestation

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