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One woman went around the country to observe the land. She carried a sign, “HOPE OVER HURT” around the country and served in any capacity that she could. After 6,333 miles by car and foot- she traveled to 26 cities and found that so many were in need of hope. Little did she know that this was the birth of Hope Over Hurt. Now, this mission has evolved into a non-profit organization to empower everyone to serve in their purpose while building relationships and sharing resources around the globe! From the heart of one…to the lives of many.


To extend hope and healing around the globe by providing service, community outreach and empowerment to all genders, ages, and backgrounds.


Vision through ennoblement of more than 48 “Bridges” that align with one of three pillars - Empowerment, Outreach, and Service.

Hope Over Hurt utilizes the skills and connections of its Bridge Ambassadors to

(1) connect those in need of life essentials with sustainable resources,

(2) meet immediate resource needs, and

(3) provide the tools and skills necessary to transition current resource beneficiaries into future resource benefactors.

This means moving people forward economically, educationally, and internally so that they can offer hope and help to their community.

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