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Power is so very precious and each of us has it. But, how we manage it greatly affects our success or our demise. Though you may not be able to see, touch, taste, or smell it, it is so real and very pivotal in your life. Y.O.U. Are Power is an acronym that unveils tools to develop and activate the power source living within you. In addition, I have shared the principles, or dynamics of power that help each of us understand our roles in the activation of this power source on a daily basis. After reading this (and applying the tools, of course) you will find a heightened sense of awareness that you may have never experienced before. While there are pages inside of the book where you can write notes to accompany a few of the activities, I strongly encourage you to get a journal notebook, pen, and calendar. This is not a leisure read! It is my sincerest hope, prayer, and intention.

You Are Power

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